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"The easiest way to improve my digestion with fast results."
Amit, Ramat Gan


the most refreshing flavor

with cooling qualities.

an All time favorite!

where to find

בקבוק קמבוצ'ה חיה בטעם נענע


 premium quality tea

rich in vitamin B

low in sugar & calories

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billions of live probiotics

supports digestion


gut health

warming & Spicy, comforting. 

activating & exciting boost

for your day!


בקבוק קמבוצ'ה חיה בטעם גינגר

where to find

" Health-conscious drink that is also fun AND delicious!"
Orly, Herzliya

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where to find

​"​I enjoy having a healthy, natural & sparkly drink that is also good for my kids"
Alex, Ra'anana

non alcoholic

caffeine free

בקבוק קמבוצ'ה חיה בטעם גוניפר ברי



fruity, Tart, sweet & awakening. 

notes of pine forest. 

"Reel from Nature" ingredients

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"The real kombucha that tastes amazing!"
Ela, Tel Aviv

natural slow fermentation

 delicious &

health-conscious drink

good for you

& the planet

where to find


perfectly balanced classic flavor. Refreshing with floral notes


"סוף סוף משקה שמתאים מיד אחרי שיעור היוגה שלי!"
מאיה, תל אביב

בקבוק קמבוצ'ה חיה לתצוגה

learn more

עלי תה אורגניים המשמשים להכנת קמבוצ'ה

about wellness

היצרנים של הקמבוצה עובדים במבשלה

contact us

מתת קפולניק הבעלים של LIVING LIQUIDS KOMBUCHA

we are friendly

תמונת רקע לקניות של קמבוצ'ה בחנות טבע

find us

 בקבוק ג'ינג'ר קמבוצ'ה

and feel good


What is kombucha?

Kombucha is a probiotic drink made from naturally fermenting tea, sugar, and a culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). It is also known by its folk name of tea fungus or kombucha mushroom, but it's important to clarify that the "mushroom" is actually  a symbiotic culture and not a forest mushroom. This ancient and natural drink has gained worldwide popularity due to its unique taste and health benefits. 


Today, our kombucha combines authenticity with modern quality and precision, bringing together the best of flavor and health benefits.

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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, Hippocrates.

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