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since founding Living liquids in 2019, our vision was to bridge the existing gap
between the expanding consciousness & health awareness and the offered drink options in the commercial refrigerator...

today we are happy to announce that you can find us in almost
every health food store in Israel!!!!!
טבע קסטל
לוגו של אמפם
טיב טעם
שופרסל גרין
ניצת הדובדבן רשת בתי טבע
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vip delivery

Have you already realized that you want to drink alive kombucha every day?
or may be you have an event coming up where you would like to upgrade to some healthy drink options?

now you can order kombucha for home delivery
*Limited to quantity order only**
(Individual bottles can be ordered through online stores)

For more details on VIP delivery
contact u
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